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We are UK based religous charity organization focused on helping our local community (showing love and respect to humanity) through the provision of various forms of programs and services.

We provide programs aimed to direct back the lost children of God to the pure and unadulterated Sound Doctrine where in obedience to the warning of Jeremiah - all are beckoned to return to the old paths of righteousness so they can have rest for their souls.

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Community of Yahweh Worldwide in the United Kingdom (i.e. CYW UK) is a registered charity organization and Torah (Bible) based group following tenaciously the Sound doctrine teachings of our Lord and Saviour Yahshua (i.e Jesus Christ).

The Group also known as "Covenant Children", who are the diaspora descendants of the old time Religion commonwealth of the house of Israel whom are referred to in Psalm 50:1 as part of those who have a covenant with God based on Sacrifices.